1989.7   Japan Hayashi Lost-wax Industries Co.,LTD invested $0.53million to estabalish Dalian Hayashi Lost-wax Industries Co.,LTD.


1992.9   Employees increased to 350, started 3 shifts,monthly capacity 55 tons.


1996.3   Capital increased to $2.2million, monthly capacity 100 tons,having machining capability.


1999.8   ISO9002 certified.


2001.12   Moved to current foundry,capital increased to $6.46million,monthly capacity 180tons.


2003.4   ISO9001-2000 certified.


2007.1   Enlarged workshop area, increased CNC machines, improved 50% machining capacity.


2008.12   Added one more CMM and X-RAY equipment, enhanced inspection capability.


2009.1   ISO14000 certified.


2011.1   TS16949 certified.


2013.5   New foundry with automatic investment casting process.


2013.10   Dalian factory obtained IATF 16949 Certification.


2018.6   Surface treatment process completed.


2020.11  Vacume heat-treatment furnace added.