Automated Foundry

The automated foundry of Dalian Hayashi started construction in 2011 and mass production in May of 2013. New foundry is equipped with automatic production line with monthly capacity of 100 tons,designed for high volume castings of automotive industry.

The automatic equipments are mostly from the UK and Japan, including automatic wax injection machines, automatic shell making system,automatic cutting and grinding machines,post casting treatment and heat treating.Also with the help of Germany OBLF spectrometer,we can cast a wide range of materials per standard of GB/JIS/ASTM/DIN,and customers’unic patent materials as well.

Less operators,high production efficiency,low rejection rate,low cost,which not only elevate casting process, but considerably improve casting quality and capability as well.


There are automated equipments of heat treatment and acid pickling.Welcome to contact us if there's any business about Heat treatment,pickling and passivation.